Saturday, September 15, 2012


We recently had our six month dental cleanings. It has become a sort of competition (probably only to me) to see who gets the best report card from the hygienist when we're finished.  Luckily Boo always has his appointments about two weeks ahead of Noelle and me, so I can gauge how much more I should brush and floss so that I get superior comments on how well I'm flossing and brushing. Don't be fooled, I don't always win and I've had way more cavities than he will ever have in his lifetime.  Side note: Did you know you should not brush instantly after throwing up? Rinse first and brush after a few minutes. Darn that morning sickness with all three.  Luckily we're a cavity free family for the past year! The hygienist told me that my teeth were the best she'd seen all day, maybe even all week. Boo-yah!

After Noelle had her teeth polished she asked the hygienist if her teeth were shiny. After reassuring her in the affirmative Noelle insisted on seeing for herself and requested a mirror for inspection. I guess its better than her teeth falling out.